The Centre for Educational Possibilities

Learning for tomorrow

The Problem: Our Broken World.

Climate change, fracturing communities, living without hope or meaning. 

The Solution: The Centre for Educational Possibilities.

By rethinking teaching and learning, we’re reimagining the future.

We’re pioneering a revolution of the social imagination through education, leading to a tomorrow of active and compassionate citizenship.

Part of the historic University of Cambridge, the work of the Centre for Educational Possibilities is guided by one key question:

What does it mean to be educated for a world in which climate change, fracturing communities and insecurities about our purpose and self are prominent issues?

The Centre for Educational Possibilities will become a hub for expanding ideas on curriculum, teaching and children’s agency through:
Researching new knowledge, skills and teaching to create inspiring resources for educators across the globe.
Being a transdisciplinary centre, hosted in Cambridge, but also building thriving relationships amongst educators internationally.
Weaving a network of networks, building opportunities for global learning

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