There is a common saying in Uganda that expresses our approach to helping some of the world's most vulnerable children. Possibilities is working to change lives 'mpola mpola' (slowly by slowly).

We realise that our resources can hardly scratch the surface of this huge humanitarian problem, but we will work slowly by slowly or little by little to make a difference to one life after another.

'Possibilities' is a UK charity based in Needham Market, Suffolk, England, that is making a tiny contribution to the huge catastrophe that has left millions of children stranded in poverty in Uganda, without hope and without a future.

Our aim is to help these children to forge an independent future for themselves. We encourage a healthy work ethic and the ability to work together with us and other agencies for a better future. 


In 2013 'Ensigo Y'Omucungwa' (The Orange Seed) was built - a Vocational Training Centre for Uganda's disadvantaged youth. An orange seed (pip) is bitter and unpleasant and is usually thrown away but with care and attention and the correct environment a seed will become a fruit bearing tree that can produce many fruits and many trees. We are endeavouring to plant  the bitter discarded seeds of young lives and tend those sapplings to luscious fruit-bearing trees.

Happy Child

Uganda  has a population of 32 million. Its average age is just 15 and over 50% of the population are under 15 years old. With 7% of the population suffering from the HIV / Aids virus (120,000 of them children) and 1.2 million children orphaned by the disease, we want to give Uganda's children the start in life that we believe all children deserve.

We have been truly humbled by how much can be achieved with so little money. The joy on the face of a child who is able to go to school for the first time, and the relief and amazement of a grandmother when a huge rainwater tank is delivered on the back of a pick-up, are both life changing to witness. Water no longer has to be collected from the stream at the bottom of the hill 1/2 a mile away. She doesn't any longer have to make a choice between paying for water and paying for school.

We are working 'mpola mpola' to make a real difference, to real children with real difficulties. With your support Possibilities is giving Uganda's Aids orphans a future.



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