Fundraising Ideas

Many people want to fundraise but just don't know where to start. 'It all seems too big', 'I don't have the necessary skills.' 'I'm just not an organiser.' They want to, but don't really know where to begin

Why not have a look here for some ideas. You will see that you don't need to do anything extraordinary or have amazing organisational ability. You can be a successful fundraiser by using an everyday event and enthusing your friends and family with your passion for the cause.

Why not hold an African Bead Party?

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Create an excuse to get together and Invite your friends over for a drink and a chat and to sell some of our exquisite African paper beads and handmade cards. They are beautifully made by women from the slums of Kampala and as well as raising funds for Possibilities you will be ensuring continued employment for some of the worlds most industrious and poverty stricken women

What about an old fashioned Tea Party? 

We have all the equipment that you need. Invitations, china tea sets, cake stands. All you need to do is provide the tea and the cakes or cucumber sandwiches and then devise a way of extracting some fun cash from your friends. You could charge for entry, hold a raffle, collect donations whatever seems appropriate.

Summer BBQ

People love a get together. Why don't you provide the food and encourage bring-a-bottle/can. Get a friend to play some music, organise a raffle. Make entry by donation

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Dinner Party

Why not throw a dinner party? Have loads of fun with friends whilst raising some money for Possibilities. You donate the meal and ask your guests to donate ehat they might pay for the meal in a restaurant. They could donate through our Justgiving site and then you have no money to deal with - Simple.

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Banger and Mash Supper

Andrew and Anna Rodgers opened their home to provide bangers (sausages) and mash (potatoes) followed by apple pie and a mug of tea. They raised £100 for possibilities and a similar amount for the CMA

Brilliant - Thank you


Who needs an excuse for a party? Why not use your birthday celebrations to fill a room? Have a big do and charge your friends a donation to celebrate with you.

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