There are many ways that you can support Possibilities work in Uganda. Our main emphasis is meeting immediate everyday needs. Currently we support 11 children.   

We are convinced that providing good nutrition, a healthy, loving  environment, and an education, are simple, affordable and manageable ways of helping these very vulnerable children and giving them a future that otherwise they wouldn't be able to enjoy - A future that many of us take for granted, a future that we feel all children deserve.        

We regularly send news by email. If you would like to know our CURRENT NEWS please let us know.

Our greatest need is for SPONSORS. With our children growing older and therefore becoming more expensive in every way. We are always in need of sponsors.

Fundraising is time consuming, and can be exhausting. Many people want to FUNDRAISE but dont know how to start. We have compiled a few ideas for you here

Of course like all charities we survive and fall on the generosity of our supporters. We need money. Every DONATION is greatly appreciated however large or small. 


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