Possibilities for CHILDREN

Our reason for being is to give some of the world's poorest children a start that we take for granted. Every trip we make is characterized by spending time with the children. They are parentless and therefore have little interaction with adults in this tough environment. Often much of what they need is someone prepared to give time to them. Someone who can give them a little time and attention.

We have been paying for education for several children for several years. It has become a necessary provision for the children of Uganda. In that culture, for many the only hope of making a future for themselves is to gain an education. It is an easy thing to take for granted in a country where the state provides some education. But  In Uganda although there is state education, the teachers are not paid, so very few teach. All schooling worth having has to be paid for. Possibilities provides for education, all the extras needed (uniforms etc) and a midday meal. 

To stand with our children please fill in the form and we will make your sponsorship possible.

We want that all our children get several things that your contribution would provide. 

For £20.00 GBP per month you will ensure that 1 Child gets: - 

An education - improved future

Security - safety whilst being cared for

2 meals a day - valuable nutrition

Social acceptance

Whilst not being able to provide a monthly letter like other agencies we can report back regularly with first hand news of the children's well-being. We know our children personally.

They will benefit from an education, security, nutrition and a future in Uganda.

Please take time to consider how much you could donate to 'Possibilities' for these children. 

To get some of the answers to your questions please take a look at FAQ for Sponsorship

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