Malangata Project

Ensigo Y'Omucungwa - Malangata

Ensigo Y'Omucungwa (The Orange Seed) was named in August 2013. The Facility is a very exciting development for Possibilities and we believe will be a very important facility for the future of Uganda. 

As we have endeavoured to respond to the new rules and regulations for child care in Uganda this centre has evolved in our thinking and finally arrived at its present state of development. 

PHASE 1 In 2011 Possibilities bought a piece of land 26miles north of Kampala on the Hoima Road. It is to serve as a farm and produce food for the children that we have adopted, and children living in desperate family situations. We are anticipating producing enough food for the children's immediate needs and also to have a surplus that can be sold at market.

The finished house

PHASE 2 In the early part of 2012 we had a small dwelling built at Malangata. It houses Charles our farm worker. It will also serve us as a security measure. To have a house on a plot will denote it is occupied. This will prevent thieves from seeing it as an easy target. To have the dwelling occupied adds another tier of security.

PHASE 3 Our final aim for this development, is to create a new centre for the children and youth of Malangata and for displaced and very vulnerable children from across the various districts surrounding it. The centre will be a village hub and will make available a variety of supports and aids for development of its service.

We anticipate its use to include some of the following - Counselling, medical, psychosocial, Family respite, Child resettlement support, training for dropouts and a provision for the village. This may include a computer suite, a cinema and community centre.


Our plans are not fully defined yet as Uganda has too many needs to mention. It will develop and find its niche in the coming years. We anticipate the centre being some kind of transit home for children being enabled to return to a safe and permanent environment with extended family members. We also want the centre to be active in providing apprenticeships and training for the next generation as they grapple for their place in the world without any role models or mentors. It needs to be a place that can show them how to establish a future and equip them to be able to fend for themselves as individuals and for their own children.

If you would like to be involved with us please contact us with an offer of help, or set about organising your own event. For ideas on fundraising please visit our fundraising pages

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To see how this project began please visit the Malangata Gallery.

We need ongoing support to create the centre that this rural area so needs and would benefit from.

In the January of 2017 Ensigo Y’Omuncungwa began its first Vocational Training Courses. We started courses in Tailoring and Building. the final report for these very successful projects can be found here.

Kind Regards  

Rob Pattison - Chairman

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