There are several ways you can help Possibilities. All these areas are designed to ultimately help our children but some are more direct than others. If you have a specific interest then we would be happy to use your money as requested. Otherwise please donate to a general fund and we promise we shall use your donation wisely. Find out here what we have been doing and how you could help

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Possibilities for Children

Sponsor one of our children. We could always do with more sponsors. Uganda has millions of children all needing education and a chance to make something of their lives. We take personal sponsorship but prefer that donations are placed centrally to ensure that each child in a home or village is not singled out.

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Possibilities with Beads

Purchase some beautiful magazine bead necklaces; beautiful jewellery representing African resourcefulness. 
As well as bead necklaces we also sell various other craft items, such as aprons, oven gloves, figurines, ear-rings, bracelets. 

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