Founders Statement

Chairman Rob Pattison

In 2007 when on a family holiday in Uganda I was struck by how happy and welcoming African people could be but also how deprived and under-privileged the children we had met were. We were there to enjoy the wildlife and share a common family experience. We left with a determination to 'do something' to give them the future that was lost at the death of their parents. Back in 2007 when friends and relations pledged us small sums of money to enable us to leave these beautiful children a gift, we had no idea just where our own future lay. 5 years on and Possibilities is the product of that initial motivation and the continued effort that now has 20 children in permanent education, well fed and clothed. 

We have always sought to enable the children that we met to forge a way for their own futures. Our own family benefitted immensely from the experience and contrary to our expectation - that it may be the last time that we holidayed together - in a strange but beautiful way our family grew immensely. We ended up with many more children, and have holidayed many times since, continuing our family strengthening.

Uganda is a harsh environment for a child to grow up in, but it has always been our desire and conviction that these abandoned vulnerable children be given the start that we expect for all children regardless of geography or economical stature, namely an education, food in their bellies and shoes on their feet. Possibilities does this and gives the children that it works with a future that wouldn't be possibile if it weren't for our involvement.

As we have developed the charity we have always tried to hold onto the original idea behind what we do. Namely to establish a future for 'our' children and an opportunity to forge that future for themselves.

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