Overview of Possibilities


Possibilities was started in 2007 to alleviate the impact of poverty on some of the world's most vulnerable children. In 2007 Possibilities was awarded charitable status in the UK (No.1128925). As we have developed we have forged some very useful links with a small and indigenous charitable operation in Uganda called SPAU – the Single Parent’s Association of Uganda.


Possibilities has two main aims, which are to:

  • Relieve financial hardship among children living in Uganda by providing such persons with goods or services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means.
  • To demonstrate Christian principles by relieving poverty and by improving the conditions in life in socially disadvantaged communities.

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We are constantly re-evaluating what we do and how we present ourselves. As we develop our projects and how we might best serve those that we exist for has to change also. You may find of use a small leaflet that describes our current emphasis and may give an insight into what we do in a much more concise format. Click here to download the leaflet.


Our Projects

Possibilities seeks to make the lives of children in Uganda more comfortable than they would otherwise be. We ensure that the children that we care for are provided with enough food, clothing and an education that wouldn't be theirs if we weren't involved. We constantly look for new ways to enhance our portfolio and create innovative ways to meet such acute needs. We currently have emphasis for the following areas:

Child Sponsorship


Vocational Training Centre

Our reasons for all of these aspects of work is to make tiny inroads into the huge problem of HIV/AIDS and mis-management that has devastated a country and left 50% of the population under 15 - Virtually a nation of children.

We additionally and increasingly work with the Single Parents Association of Uganda (SPAU), who aim to empower poor and marginalised single parents and their families to increase their household incomes and to provide a forum through which marginalised single parents can fearlessly campaign for the respect of their rights, as equal members of society.

As well as managing some of our projects in Uganda, SPAU also have much work of their own that we love to support wherever possible.

They aim to empower beneficiary single parents to provide an additional and reliable income for their households through proceeds realised from their projects, to enable them to meet their basic needs such as:

  • household utilities
  • food
  • paraffin for lighting
  • clothing
  • costs of their children’s schooling such as uniforms, books and other stationery

They generally support small projects in order to reach communities with single parents. Many of their projects are suitable for carrying out around the homestead where children can be looked after at the same time.

We aim to help as many people as possible and so we endeavour to make our projects self supporting as soon as possible and Spau within 6 months of commencement.

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